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Small Farm – Big Vision

small-farm-big-vision-img-1Once in a generation, a scientific breakthrough changes the world of wellness: a discovery that has the power to lift millions of lives. Just such a breakthrough took place at the end of the last century, but for some 20 years it’s been hidden in plain sight.

In 1990s, the first scientific papers appeared about the aronia berry – a fruit native to North America – showing that it possesses rare healing properties. Aronia quickly became the subject of multiple studies. The picture that emerged was nothing less than extraordinary. Aronia surpassed every other “superfood” in its combination of antioxidant, probiotic, anti-inflammatory and epigenetic potential.*

Studies have shown that aronia has one of the highest antioxidant values, as compared to over 250 other fruits and for its antioxidant effects (measured as ORAC, or “oxygen radical absorption capacity”). Across the world, independent studies in university laboratories tested aronia for multiple aspects of human health. The outcome of all this research was definitive. Aronia is the queen of superfoods.  Mangosteen, pomegranate, cranberry, acai, noni… none of them match the aronia berry for any of the key health measures.

What science came lately to discover had been known for centuries by indigenous healers. The aronia berry appears among the medicinal foods and medicines of the Pottawatomi, and early European settlers quickly recognized the health benefits of the wild plant. Even Lewis and Clark knew of its protective value, packing their meat in aronia berry powder for food safety and preservation as they ventured into unknown terrain.

The aronia bush was transported to Europe, and the plant is widely grown there and used both for food products and wines making. Meanwhile, in the US, a small group of independent farmers in the upper Midwest joined together to protect and cultivate this priceless natural resource.

Amazingly, despite this history, and the mass of recent research, most present-day Americans have never heard of aronia. Clearly, with such a dramatic untold story of natural wellness, the time has come to share the unique value of aronia with the world.

That, in a word, is the mission of Lifebrook.

Small Farm, Big Vision

small-farm-big-vision-img-2Tony Heisterkamp, Lifebrook’s founder and CEO, had no intention of launching a wellness company when he bought a small farm back in 2005. After a successful career in the furniture industry, he and his wife Jennifer were looking for a quiet retirement in the countryside. They considered creating a nature preserve, and then settled on planting an apple orchard.

One challenge Tony faced as a new farmer was the daily pain in his hands and joints. Preferring a natural approach, he’d been using mangosteen to help, so he was naturally curious when a friend told him that aronia delivers five times the antioxidant value. Tony tried some aronia juice, and he was so impressed by the results he plunged into weeks of research. He and Jennifer became convinced they should set aside some land to grow aronia bushes.

As an entrepreneur, Tony cast around for ways to market the fruit. He quickly realized the potential demand for aronia would far exceed the output of his small farm, so he decided to link up with other growers. What he discovered was a scattering of independent farmers who were passionate about this unusual fruit, but had no real plan to bring aronia to customers. Tony took it on himself to found the first organization exclusively dedicated to aronia farmers: The National Aronia Growers Association. At the same time, he launched his own company to manufacture and sell aronia juice.

There was one obvious challenge. Consumers are unfamiliar with aronia. No matter how remarkable its benefits, simply placing bottles of aronia juice in retail stores presents a challenge. Why would people buy something they knew nothing about? There had to be a better solution. Tony recognized that the best way to tell a new story is person to person. People trust their friends far more than advertisements, and when a product has the unmistakable impact of aronia, it’s natural to share the benefits with others. So what better way to market aronia than through network marketing? That way, the product is explained in the most authentic way possible, and everyone involved can share the financial benefits.

Tony and Jennifer made their next big decision: they would launch a network marketing company to share aronia with the world. They named their enterprise Lifebrook, to convey their vision of changing lives with a new flow of wellness and prosperity.

Products that Deliver

small-farm-big-vision-img-3.jpgThe first priority for Lifebrook’s founders was to set the highest standards for product integrity. Aronia is naturally beneficial in almost every form, but the quality and purity of production makes all the difference when it comes to real-world results.

To begin with, fruit for Lifebrook’s products are grown without use of conventional herbicides pesticides or chemical fertilizers. That means more work for the farmers, but it also promises peace of mind for consumers. Next, the berries are pressed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the Midwest. Then every step of production is monitored for purity and precision, right through to the packaging and labeling. Frequent random sampling ensures the supreme quality in each and every bottle or pack. In other words, Lifebrook’s products are 100% natural and 100% manufactured in America, delivering the purest quality of natural health direct from farm to table.

Initially, Lifebrook is offering a proprietary natural blend of pure aronia juice with a dash of lemon. This blend has been shown scientifically to increase the antioxidant effects of aronia, and it also makes the juice taste better! Lifebrook offers a crystalized powder form of aronia that’s soluble in water. It can be also used in cooking or in smoothies. There’s also a multivitamin with a full spectrum of essential nutrients embedded in aronia berry powder. Further products are planned for athletes, children and pets.

Reports from consumers already testify to the life-changing effects of aronia when it’s used on a daily basis. Just as important, numerous independent studies of aronia show that these personal testimonies are grounded in solid science.

“We’re Growing People, Too”

The product alone is enough to secure the future growth of Lifebrook. People are so excited by what they experience with pure aronia, they are already urging their friends to drink the juice or use the powder, and to support their daily health with aronia multivitamins. Of course, sharing good things with others is a natural impulse we all possess, though we don’t expect to be rewarded for recommending a great movie or a favorite restaurant. But Lifebrook is built on the principle, “everyone wins.” So customers who introduce others to these wonderful products gain more than a good feeling – they can earn substantial financial rewards. For some, this means the opportunity to get their products for free. Others welcome an additional income stream to add a little security, or luxury, to their daily lives. A few entrepreneurs recognize the opportunity for a full-time career, with unlimited scope for growth.

All these members of the Lifebrook family benefit from a compensation system that is both fair and generous, so they can profit consistently from the energy and commitment they invest. They also enjoy a culture that is friendly, optimistic and uplifting, with all the practical support they need for success, such as expert training and superb marketing tools. As founder Tony Heisterkamp puts it, “We not only grow aronia – we’re growing people, too.”

Help Change Millions of Lives, Starting with Yours

If you’re inspired by the Lifebrook story, and you’re excited to share a natural health product that’s proven to surpass every comparable solution, then your next step is simple. Talk to whoever introduced you to Lifebrook, and join us in our life-changing mission.

As an independent Lifebrook Advocate, you’ll have a new source of income that’s totally in your control. Your task is simple: let people know about the amazing health benefits of Lifebrook’s natural aronia products. You can also sponsor others to do what you’re doing, and grow your own team of Advocates. You’ll receive financial rewards for their sales, month after month, as well as your own.

Being a Lifebrook Advocate is completely different from having a job. How much you earn is entirely up to you! Some people are excited to earn a little extra every month. Others are looking for a whole new career, and with Lifebrook that’s totally possible. If you’re committed to helping others, and you have the patience and persistence to build your business over time, you can enjoy having an income source that keeps on growing, year after year. Then again, you might already be an experienced direct sales professional, with your sights set on a leadership role and a future of total financial freedom: for you, Lifebrook offers unlimited scope for your ambitions.

With Lifebrook, everyone that joins us is special, no matter what your background or your goals. If you’re ready for a fun way to create new income, you can be sure of a warm welcome in our friendly, nationwide family of independent Advocates.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.