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Resolution: a firm decision to do or not do something


We don’t like to look at our weaknesses.  Weakness is often something to be overlooked, pushed down, or to be overcompensated in another area.  Admitting something is wrong feels shameful and belittling.  Also, the time and effort associated with the work is enough to make us head in the other direction.

But what if it actually makes us stronger?  What if we look at those places inside of us with courage and persistence?  What if the desire to be better was stronger than the desire to be stagnate?

These statements aren’t only true for our emotional and mental health; they are also true for our physical health.  Getting out of a rut takes discipline, inspiration, and dedication, something that time rewards.

Maybe you are looking at the new year with hope that things could be different, that you could feel better and look better and behave better.  It’s a hope that can be your reality.

Start at the basics.  What are you putting into your body?  Begin a food journal and record what you are using to fuel your one and only body.

Next, ask why you are eating certain foods.  What else is going on that may be a hinder?  What are you telling yourself?

Finally, take action and make the changes, however small.  Try less sugar, more sleep, less inactivity, or more meaningful conversations.  Stick with your changes and be persistent.

At Lifebrook, we have sought out the very best that nature can provide.  We offer PURONIA, the juice packed with aronia berries.  Aronia berries contain the highest antioxidant levels, and in turn, anti-viral, antidiabetic, cardioprotective, gastroprotective and antimutagenic are a few of the properties found in the extraordinary berry.1,2*  Cutting research suggests that flavonoids, which are found in aronia berries, may decrease the risk of developing depression as well.3*  No wonder the berry is catching such attention.

What an incredible gift to your body.  Don’t put off your health any longer, especially when it’s this easy.  Start consuming PURONIA and other Lifebrook products to begin the journey to be the best you can be.  After all, it is time for resolutions.