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Purple Relief for the Athlete

david-marcu-69433We run, we lift, we push ourselves to the extreme, all in the name of fitness. Working out is important for our bodies, but what about strenuous exercise? Does science have anything to say about what happens in our bodies?

It does. Exercise increases the need for oxygen to our cells.1 Because of this, our cells increase in free radical production. During strenuous physical exercise, the tissue antioxidant defense system may be overwhelmed by excess reactive oxygen or free radicals.1,2 This produces oxidative stress: an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants.3 Research supports that antioxidant supplementation is likely to provide beneficial effects against tissue damage.1,2,3

PURONIA, made from the superfruit, aronia berry, has a high concentration of anthocyanins. Deep purple, red, or blue vegetable and fruit hues come from anthocyanins. The free-radical scavenging capabilities of anthocyanins make this antioxidant popular.5

Athletes are sharing their testimonials from all around the world of the effects of drinking Aronia juice pre- and post their workout. Research studies in Poland have completed double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on males who are competitive rowers. Muscle damage was significantly decreased in the group taking Aronia juice.4

Others note that taking Aronia juice decreases the amount of recovery time but increases the level of intensity of the workout.

Ready to pound the cement? Just as you take time to put on the correct exercise gear, whether it’s running shoes or a hockey mask, take a moment to drink your PURONIA! You may be protecting yourself from hidden stress!*

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