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It’s That Time!


When you think of September, maybe you envision pumpkin lattes, crisp apples and football games.  Here’s another image: harvesters with purple hands.  From dawn to dusk, our farmers are out in the fields, pulling handfuls of ripe, purple berries from bushes.  Pallet after pallet becomes filled with what some call the “black pearl” of the field. The aronia bush itself is beautiful.  The dark, green leaves are a perfect backdrop for the delicate, white flowers in the spring.  In the fall, the bush leaves turn to a red-orange and the berries ripen to its infamous purple color.

However, the beautiful color of the aronia berry bush is not all it has to offer, this fruit is packed with health benefits and antioxidant power.

Lifebrook takes pride in sourcing aronia berries from farmers that are members of the National Aronia Grower’s: an association that sets standards and best practices for the aronia industry and aggregates the berries of farmers across the United States to help bring them to market. Lifebrook is committed to sourcing aronia from this organization to maintain confidence in the quality of aronia berries used in Lifebrook products. With Lifebrook, there is no question where our aronia is sourced!

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