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Aronia and Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are not typically brought up in coffee groups.

A urinary tract infections are painful, not only to talk about, but also in our bodies.  Ironically, they are extremely common, with one in two women experiencing at least one in her lifetime.1  Cranberries are the favorite, most popular, and natural option we’ve heard of2…until aronia.  Aronia berries are still being studied, but the preliminary findings have all sufferers of UTI’s excited.

UTI’s are mainly caused because of the bacteria called Escherichia coli.  The bacteria enters the urinary tract and multiplies. Antibiotics have been used but can cause adverse reactions or are noneffective.3 Thankfully, cranberries and aronia berries contain properties that prevent the bacteria from multiplying.4,5

One reason aronia berries are being heavily studied is because they have been found to be five times more effective than cranberries.6  This means a great deal to those in nursing homes where UTI’s are a major problem.  Interestingly, using aronia drinks not only helped nursing home residents with UTI’s but pneumonia infections were reduced, residents reported an increased sense of well-being, and the urine smell disappeared.5,7

Research is clearly showing a positive prognosis for the aronia berry.  Only time will tell what they will find next!

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