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Aronia Tackles Infections

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Fall is here, and with the crisp leaves, caramel apples, jack-o-lanterns, and football games, we also have sniffely noses, hard coughs, long colds, and the dreaded flu. Why is it that we experience the same things year after year? Our immune system shouldn’t be such a puzzle, but we all seem stuck in the never-ending cycle. Thankfully, science is digging deep within the human anatomy to find answers.

Our immune system fights all the diseases in our body. It creates inflammation to protect against the infections or harmful stimuli that enter our body.1 Because over 70% of our immune system is found in our digestive system, what happens there needs to be of paramount concern.2

We must look to the “gut” to find the problem. Gut colonization begins immediately after birth and the type of diet may affect the patterns that form in the gut.3 When we become “sick to the stomach,” we tend to use vaccines and antiviral drugs; however, because of mismatch vaccines and the emergence of resistant strains against drugs, the sickness continues and may even worsen. Incredibly, science has found that Aronia melanocarpa may be the answer that many of us need.* It has been suggested that aronia is the source for antiviral agents and may have the potential as an influenza therapeutic.4 Drinking aronia juice helps cleanse the digestive system and restore the correct balance of gut flora.5

Why not try PURONIA today? PURONIA juice is the pure, unaltered aronia juice made directly from the purple aronia berry. Why not use what science is finding to be an effective strategy against the influenza virus infection?6,7*Drinking Puronia may tackle more in your health than you may think!*


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