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What is a purplestache?  Simply put, a purplestache is the effect of drinking Lifebrook’s PURONIA (FYI: definitely a better mustache with smoothies)!  Not only will you see purple, but you may see health-promoting changes as you pour the highest levels of antioxidants in your body.*

Is it a fad to participate in a 30-day wellness challenge?  Maybe, but striving to be healthy certainly is not.  Our minds and bodies want to be healthy!  They give us sign after sign if we are suffering in an area.  Isn’t it time to listen?  Why do we continue to stuff our minds and bodies full of junk, in the form of too much television and sweets, and not enough raw materials, like the whole foods that are growing all around us?

Look at your habits and find one area that could use improvement.  Don’t throw unrealistic goals at yourself.  Start small, like adding in PURONIA and throwing out soda, and see how you feel!  Take a walk for 30 minutes every day or read 20 minutes a day.  Take a step forward; we will juice it up with you!

If you want to start listening to your body, join us as we paint our stache with PURONIA and other lifestyle changes!!!!